Ethical Zone

What We Stand For

    • To share what is behind each item and brand.
    • Educating about the WHY, HOW, WHAT & WHERE.
    • That is how we become empowered.
Social Empowerment
    • We ensure that our suppliers and brands have fair workplace conditions. 
    • We aim to create economies through the fair trade of goods and enable access to education.
    • We supply, create and serve with intention. Everything that flows through Slow Cartel is chosen with care.
    • We believe in limiting supply to reduce waste and increase purchase intention.
    • We choose and operate with purpose.
    • Everyday we act with integrity, according to our values and create profits to make the world a better place.
    • We do what is needed, not what is easy.
    • The products traded within the cartel are of high quality and the prices fairly reflect their value.
    • We see all items as being “investment” quality and we balance this to ensure as much purpose driven people can access them as possible.
    • To hide nothing.
    • To work in a way that we are proud to show our whole.
    • To ensure all brands part of our cartel use ethical supply chains for their products. 
    • That we give our customers access to purpose driven products usually hidden amongst fast fashion.
Fair trade
    • We operate and conduct business fairly with brands and producers of all sizes and structures from around the world.
    • We give back and reduce waste wherever possible.
    • We speak out for the creatures and land that don’t have a voice.
    • We believe in choosing products that can be reintegrated into the economy, passed to others, or has the ability to naturally go back to the earth.