I’m  Tillie Morgan. 

Style Specialist &-
CEO & Founder Slow cartel


about me

I bring a decade of experience in international business and fashion into my styling. Beginning my journey studying International Business & Supply Chain Management at Melbourne University and RMIT. Having a base in supply chains was hugely important to me in founding the future of purpose-driven style which I had learned from growing up in the agricultural industry.
Finishing my studies, I founded my own label Boo & Westley, based in Indonesia, working with amazing artisan communities to spread their stories and help create art economies in their regions. This led me to found Slow Cartel, building on my ideas of purpose-driven style. This will be a hub of sustainable style. My companies have given me a wealth of experience in fashion, style and expression that many stylists do not have the pleasure of being able to capitalise on for their clients.
Working in fashion and retail I realised many people struggle with creating a style that expresses their unique self, suits their body & environment and represents their values. As such I created revolutionary style programs that are changing the game. 


MY Skills

Visual branding & personal styling experience
Ability to interpret branding into an authentic style
Understanding different body shapes and colour schemes
Access to international purpose-driven, ethical labels
Knowledge of global fashion trends
Experience working with female & male CEOs, entrepreneurs, coaches and speakers
Experience in reinterpreting wardrobes into a curated style
Experience in fashion design & garment pattern making


Your Style

why your style is so important!

I specialise in helping conscious entrepreneurs accelerate their businesses through what they wear and how they appear to their audiences. Being aligned in your brand and style increases trust and saves you time in creating real relationships that will boost income, reach and lead generation. If you truly want to take your business to the next level than you should be thinking about your style. If your serious about building a legacy than you should be outsourcing it.
It can be overwhelming. I love seeing the light and expression coming from someone who is dressed in items aligned with who they are. Their confidence shines through and you can feel that sense of empowerment as they wear something that goes beyond just cloth the cover themselves.
Our wardrobes, and what we wear are the physical representation of our mindset, our dreams. Our style is a powerful storyteller, it speaks to our inner selves, to those around us and to the world.




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What Tillie's clients have to say!

Really enjoyed having the opportunity to work with Tillie Morgan to step up my style! Not only did she break down my clothing style and give me ideas on how to rework my wardrobe, she also helped me realize how I carry myself and how it will alter other people’s views of me. I found it so valuable in how I can apply it in all aspects of my life and what’s to come!
I felt amazing all day at the conference and during the presentation – I felt powerful and that I fit in but was also me. Thanks so much! I will definitely look more at my clothes and find others that make me feel like that
My experience of a personal style call with Tillie was warm, professional, honest and personal. She gave me insightful feedback on my image and followed that up with applied tools to further develop upon my online presence. She was able to reflect back to me how my lack of clarity in my own world is being reflected in my online presence, which makes perfect sense! Sometimes it just takes someone to point it out to you, she has since provided me with the tools to further develop clarity, detox my wardrobe and let go of what no longer serves me and really opened my eyes to the energetics around what we wear, even the energy that our clothes hold! I look forward to working with her further. Thank you Tillie!